Financial Matters

The Prime Minister and Communities and Local Government Department wish to see local authorities publish granular local spending data. Furthermore, the Prime Minister has made a specific commitment that new items of local government spending over £500 be published on a council-by-council basis from January 2011.

Whilst details of every payment authorised by Lynchmere Parish Council are included within the Minutes of all meetings, for clear transparency, the following are details of all payments authorised and paid which are in excess of £500 Since January 2013. Older payments can be seen in the minutes or from the Clerk on request. If you wish to view the 2012 Annual Return form for Lynchmere Parish Council, this is available by opening the attachment below.

Authorising Meeting Date
 Recipient Brief description
 £ including VAT
 140113 CLERK December Salary On file
 050213 Clerk January SalaryOn file
 050313 Chichester District Council
 Litter & dog bins 2012-2013
 050313 Valley Landscapes
 Disabled Access for allotments
 050313 ClerkFebruary Salary On file
 020413 Clerk March salary
 On file
 070513 Clerk April Salary
 On file
 070513 Camelsdale School
 S137 donation 12-13
 070513 All Groundworks
 Maintenance & playground repairs
 070513 Valley Landscapes Burial Ground treeworks
 Insurance premium 2012-2013
 030613Valuation Office Land valuations
 030613 Clerk May salary
 On file