Minutes October 2010


Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 5th October 2010 at 8pm
                  in St. Michael’s Hall, Hammer




Present: Cllr. S. McCallum (Chairman), Cllr. E. Hackett, Cllr. P. Hardwick, Cllr. M. Blank. Cllr. S. Bennett,

 Cllr. S. Moore (Vice-Chairman) Cllr. L. Bicknell, Cllr, Cllr. W. Musson,  Cllr. A. Thornhill, Cllr. S. Bennett.
1. Apologies: Cllr. M. Blank, Cllr. D. Pappa, County Cllr. M. Brown.

In attendance: K. Bain (Clerk) District Cllr. N. Graves, District Cllr. H. Caird, 2 members of the public.


2.     Code of Conduct declarations of interests – None declared.


3. Visitors’ Questions   - None

4. Minutes - To agree and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 7th September 2010
Approved: Proposed by E. Hackett and seconded by L. Bicknell.

5. Co-option of new Councillor
The Clerk noted that Chris Duckworth had received the new Councillor information and had returned her signed ‘Acceptance of Code of Conduct’ and ;’Register of Interests form’.
  It was agreed by the Council to C0-opt Chris Duckworth  as a Parish Councillor.
Proposed by S. McCallum, seconded by S. Moore.

6. Matters Arising

Winter Management plan – A bag for Lynchmere Hamlet will be added to the list.
Grit bins will be considered as a possibility to supplement this service -
To be discussed at the next meeting.

Richard Speller of Highways will attend the November meeting to discuss the plan with Councillors.

- -Marley lane - TRO –  approved at the CLC on 28/09/10  to go forward for consultation, to be implemented in next year’s budget, unless the plans and processes are carried through in time for this year.

   -Fencing at Copse Road – The final quote and recommendations are now in; the Grounds Committee have agreed to accept Robin Barnes’s quote for the work; the Clerk will meet the surveyor to peg out the line. Thames Water are due to respond shortly with a figure that they will contribute.                                ACTION: CLERK.                                                               

-Pollution in Shottermill Ponds –Work is going on to look at the drains under the road.

-Hammer football club–Copies of  most  communications to date have been given  to Councillors;  
the most recent letter to the football club, which was sent with the agronomist’s report will be distributed.
 It was agreed that ProTec would be asked to patrol Hammer Recreation Ground when they are in the area.

 Lynchmere Green Lease – Agreed to accept the offer of a 5 year license, the Clerk will write to Cowdray.
It was noted that the Lynchmere Hamlet residents association will be meeting shortly and will discuss their approach to cutting if the green..
-Camelsdale car park –  Agreed that this needs cutting, Robin Barnes is due to carry out this work shortly, once cut, the Clerk will get quotes for scalpings, or a similar material, to re-surface the area.
The signs at Highfield Lane  &  Copse Road  have been reported.


7.  County Councillor’s report  - None received.


8. District Councillors’ reports

- Service reviews are ongoing
-Noted that the current LDF will be superseded by new figures and policy decisions once a clearer idea of future targets required by the coalition government are known.
-The Hammer Hill application will go to committee on 13th October.



9. Correspondence & Invitations received 07/09/10 – 05/10/10






Forward plan & key decisions Oct 10 -Jan 11


Fernhurst Parish Council

Proposed boundary changes


National Trust

Donation request

Finance Committee


Audited Annual Return - no issues raised



Annual report & accounts



Being a good employer -a guide for town & Parish Councils



2011-2012 subscriptions

Finance Committee


Connections Issue 43



Working together consultation



(i)                Boundary change – The following points were noted:
As the request for the Marley Common area is from the residents, it was agreed that this portion of the boundary change would be accepted by the Council. It was agreed that if this change goes ahead, that Rosemary Park would be contacted with a view to setting up good lines of communication.
-The proposed Vann Road/Fernhurst change was not considered to be appropriate, at this time;  firstly as this was a new proposal, only recently received by the Council and secondly, as there was no evidence that the residents concerned had been consulted.
It was agreed that a letter would be written to Fernhurst Parish Council to this effect
-The SDNPA consultation will be completed by S. McCallum.
-The other correspondence was noted.                    






Annual Parishes meeting

Chichester 17/11/10



03/11/10 Ardingly

S. McCallum will not be able to attend the Annual meeting of the Parishes
P. Hardwick will be in attendance in her capacity as District Councillor and will also represent the Parish Council if required. Names of other attendees will be confirmed at the next meeting.

10. Planning    07/09/10 – 05/10/10
(i) Applications and Decisions A list of these is attached at Annexe ‘A’.

 (ii) Hammer Hill application – The Parish Council submitted a second letter reiterating previous objections and noting that the amended plans considered on 7th September ,had not addressed the issues raised. S. McCallum has spoken with Austin Wade at HydeMartlett and clearly stated an option for providing a footpath along the access road – it remains to be seen whether this will be followed up. S. McCallum confirmed that she would attend the Planning committee on 13th October and will speak.
 (iii)Other planning matters  - It was agreed that C. Duckworth would join the planning committee.
 Proposed by S. McCallum and seconded by P. Hardwick. S. McCallum will be allocated one of the next planning applications to go through with Chris.
A. Thornhill asked whether the criteria for off-road parking had changed with reference to applications in the Parish.




11. Finance     

(i) Bank Balances as at 31/08/10 confirmed as: £54227.38
(ii) Approval of Payments for the period 07/09/10 – 05/10/10






Pavilion work


DCK Beavers

Internal audit - 2nd report - Capital Receipts reserve



09-10 external audit


Robin Barnes

Lynchmere Green & Copse Rd. Cutting


Clerk's Salary & Expenses Sept 10  





K Bain

 Sept salary  paid 28/09/10 by S/O


Inland Revenue

PAYE & NICS Sep  10


K Bain

Office Allowance  Sep


K Bain

Broadband Sep


K Bain

Telephone Jul - Oct 10


K Bain



K Bain

Paper & stationery


Patrick King

Jul,Aug,Sep litter picking


Sam Sawkins

Jul,Aug,Sep litter picking



September patrol



Web space & domain



Burial Ground bin rental & emptying Oct-Dec 10



Cam Rec Bin emptying Oct-Dec 10


K Bain



K Bain

Storage units


All payments were approved: Proposed by S. McCallum, seconded by. S. Bennett.
(iii) Other financial matters -  The Clerk needs to give L. Bicknell the signatory form to complete and once a statement is received showing receipt of the second precept instalment, the Clerk will contact Co-Op bank  to open the new account.
A finance committee meeting will be held in early November to consider the budget and precept requirement for 2011-2010.
The Clerk will send out grant request letters to the usual bodies and will set the receipt date for these for before this meeting.
The finance committee will consider the request by the Lynchmere Society for a contribution to a new plaque at Shottermill Ponds.
As per the correspondence list, the Clerk noted that the Annual Return had been approved by Mazars; it was noted by S. Bennett that the external auditors fees seemed high – the Clerk will raise this with SALC.
E. Hackett noted that the cost centre report only showed the allotment income as £75, this should be £950. The Clerk will check the database to see if it was wrongly allocated.





 12.  Grounds committee
i) Approval of minutes of committee meetings on: 27/7/10 & 21/09/10
Approved by A. Thornhill and seconded by E. Hackett.
(ii) Hammer Recreation Ground – as noted above.
(iii) Burial Ground - reservations, process and fees -
To be discussed at the next meeting.

The clerk has received a complaint about an ashes memorial in the Burial Ground; details of this are on file with the minutes: The matter will be considered further by S. McCallum and J. Musson.
It was agreed that as the Burial Ground regulations for Lynchmere do not clearly state the different criteria for ashes/grave memorials. The Clerk will redraft these to read as follows:  
“Monuments, memorials or fixed ornaments shall NOT be placed on graves unless the prior consent of the Council has been obtained in writing. Such consent is given only in respect of graves for which exclusive right of burial has been granted and is restricted to headstones or similar monuments not exceeding 4 feet in height. New headstones must be of a single slab design, secured with a concrete foot at least one foot below ground level and all memorials must be properly maintained at all times. The Parish Council reserves the right to lay flat or remove any memorial it considers unsafe. Memorials of lower design, such as the open book type, may still be acceptable, subject to design and construction.
 ‘No memorial other than an upright headstone fixed to a concrete shoe below ground level shall be permitted. A copy of the inscription intended to be inserted shall be submitted for approval, if it contains anything beyond the name, age and date of decease. No monument or gravestone can be admitted without such approval. The number of the grave, corresponding with the interment book must also be placed on each monument or gravestone. No vase or flower/plant container shall be placed on any grave without the express permission of the Parish Council.
No memorials for ashes plots shall exceed 18 inches by 14 inches and shall be flat and sited with or without a plinth at ground level except that, where an integral flower holder is included, the panel containing the holder may be marginally above ground level when that part of the tablet is inscribed .
Separate memorials should be instated for every plot; memorials covering two plots are not permitted without prior consent from the Council.”

Copies of the new regulations will be posted on the website, Burial Ground board and sent to the local Funeral Directors and Memorial masons.

-Allotments – E. Hackett reported that the site is going extremely well and the management committee is very proactive. A ‘Clear-up day’ has been arranged for the 30/31 October after which the holders have asked permission to light a bonfire; this has been given, providing that they adhere to the rules and regulations and inform surrounding properties.
One of the holders has started a blog and has suggested that a link to this is put onto the Parish Council website, the Clerk will arrange this.
The holders will arrange cutting the inside of the hedge, the National Trust will maintain the outside; cutting for the paths inside the site will be arranged.
-The quality of the litter picking is still not good; this needs more follow-up.








13. Chairman’s report   
The S. McCallum noted that this was J. Musson’s final Parish Council meeting and thanked him for his work as a Parish Councillor.

14. Parish Emergency Plan
The Clerk has had one response to the notice in the lantern; more action will be taken in the autumn.
15. Parish Matters -
A. Thornhill reiterated the gratitude of the Parish Council to J. Musson for all his hard work as a Parish Councillor and throughout the community.
P. Hardwick noted that a noise monitoring process was in place for Arnolds Garage, this was organised by a local householder and the request had been triggered by the use of a new machine at the garage.
-Also noted that there had been some fly tipping on Highfield Lane.
S. Moore noted that a parishioner had been in contact about a streetlight at the top of School Road – the Clerk has also been in contact and will do so again.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 2nd November at 7.30pm in St. Michael’s Hall, Hammer.
This start time will be confirmed.






Signed:.................                                                      Date:....................